The “Places” Facebook Feature

Personal privacy is something that’s becoming more and more scarce on the internet. Social networking sites encourage complete disclosure from participants, who blindly and willingly put their entire lives on display for their friends list.

Facebook, obviously one of the most popular social networking sites, has become an addiction for many; a day without a status update is not a day worth living for. Entire photo shoots are dedicated to a new profile picture, and god forbid a Wall go without maintenance.

The youth of today, Generation Y, or the Echo Boomers, are associated with an innate ability to manipulate technology. Our parents ask for help with their cell phones, we’re supposed to be able to fix the unstable internet connection, and I guess we were just born knowing HTML, right? Yeah we’re good at it, but we need to get off of it sometimes.

Technology is change, and change is progress, and progress is good. But things are being taken too far, if you ask me. Facebook is turning into Stalkbook. Not only are my friends posting their most insignificant, mundane activities, but they are telling everyone exactly where they are with the new Places feature. My question is: who cares? If you’re at Safeway, awesome. But do I need to know that? No. No one needs to know that. Why is there the need to tell everyone your exact movements on a day-to-day basis? Is it approval we’re after?

It’s a complete paradox: there’s a constant panic concerning identity theft and information security, but at the same time, people will literally post everything and anything onto their profiles. It doesn’t make sense.

Technology is an invaluable tool, but it will take over if we hand ourselves over to it.

This post is under Books, because I think it’s scary and disappointing how people insist upon putting their entire lives on the internet for people to “like.”

Missed Connections

Today I learned about a section of Craigslist that I had never heard of before – it’s called Missed Connections.

It’s under the Personals section, and you log in and write a note to someone who caught your eye, who sat next to you on the subway, or who was in line behind you at the supermarket. I love this idea! The chances of that specific person seeing your note are very slim I would imagine, but what if something actually came of it? And even if they never see it, at least you put it out there.

I was browsing through some of the posts, and there are hilarious ones, sweet ones, and straight up weird ones. Here is one that I thought was great, and had the tag “m4m,” which I’m assuming means man talking to a man:

“Should have asked if you were interested in exchanging numbers.
I can still taste you. Best time at an Adult book store in a very long time. Thank you for sharing yourself with me.”

Haha! Sounds like this guy had a sweet hookup in the adult bookstore. Yeah, that happens to me all the time too. Um what? Here’s another funny one:

“hey man u were on the stairmaster n i was on the eliptical. kept cathing eachothers eye and i coulda sworn u followed me into the locker room. if so, whats up with it dude? tht chick i was with is not my girl at all.”

Amidst the strange, sexual, and humorous, there is the occasional sweet post that will make every girl say, “Awww…”

“You were in a black bmw. You let me into your lane approaching the toll booth, I returned the favor by paying your toll, you followed me for a while on the bridge then we waved goodbye. I felt shy as we were bridge-cruising, but as we were ‘saying goodbye’ I felt like I might like you – let’s “get coffee” or follow each other around in our cars or something?”

This post is under Coffee, because I appreciate how the littlest things can make the biggest difference.

The Biebs

Justin Bieber. The Biebs. Bieber Babe.

It’s fair to say that this kid is somewhat of a major musical icon of the current tweener generation. To show for it, he’s got his faithful crew of Beliebers.

Everyone’s got an opinion about The Biebs: you either love him or hate him. I’m not too sure why this is… I love him, but it’s impossible not to make fun of him. I mean, the helmet/bonnet-like hairstyle? Last year at a party I met this guy who was totally rocking out the Bieber swish. (You know, when he’s got the long hair but refuses to use his hand to get it out of his face, resulting in this repetitive, theatrical head twitch.) We were introduced, but I ignored his name and instead decided to call him “Bieber!!!” He didn’t really enjoy that.

Okay, so apart from his hair, Justin’s other major downfall is simply how young he is, and the fact that he looks even younger. He is currently 16 years old, but people joke about him being 13 or 14. His voice is just now starting to crack(!): in an interview he said that he had to lower the key of his hit song “Baby” when singing it live because he just couldn’t hit the high notes anymore. Poor kid. Growin’ up is tough.

But even if you don’t like him, or just don’t understand what the big deal is, you have to admit his songs are catchy. When I first heard “Baby” I was hooked, and even now I get excited when I hear the opening notes. And secret revealed: I have his album My World 2.0 on my iPod, but only listen to it when I’m driving by myself in the car. Usually with the windows rolled up. Much love, JBiebs.

This post is under Sex, because I feel that JB will never be old enough for it.

“Once upon a time there were books.”

Today I saw a commercial for an electronic reader toy, kind of like a Kindle for kids. As the child moved his or her finger across the screen over each word, it read out the words, telling a story. At least, this is what I gathered from the commercial. The opening line of this ad was, “Once upon a time, there were books.”

I was only half-heartedly watching some reality show on Bravo, but when I heard these words, I was startled and looked up to the screen; I then expected some kind of … satirization I suppose? But no, this was for real. Is this the way kids are learning to read now? I remember when I first started reading chapter books all by myself and part of the fun was being able to hold the book in my hands and turn the pages, actually knowing what the words meant. I remember feeling empowered; I remember thinking, “I can read anything in the world that I want to.” And years later, I still have some of my very favorite stories from those years. I can hold the books in my hands and remember how it felt when I first picked it up. I see these childhood books, and the books that I enjoy now, as almost sentimental objects. The authenticity of a solid, hold-in-your-hands book cannot be replaced by electronic toys. I feel the same way about this tech-savy toy as I do about the Amazon Kindle. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s just not the same. It’s not.

“Once upon a time, there were books.” The mere suggestion of the disappearance of actual books in favor of technology just gave me the chills;  the spokeswoman’s robotic, flight-attendant-like voice just transported me to a Big Brother society of hyper-censorship and complete mechanization. Bound novels are just one of the doorstops holding open the heavy, looming door of Orson Welles’ prediction.

This post is under Books, because I think the world would not be the same without books, and neither would the people in it.

Sex, Books & Coffee

I’d like to start this out by posting my About page. Just to give ya the jist. ;)

First off, let’s not call this a “blog.” Blogs are for angst-ridden teens and cat fanatics. Bleh. I’d like to think of this as just a website. A website that consists of the best things in life: sex, books, and coffee.

SEX [FEEL]. Romantic, sensual, sexual pleasure. Girls, you know what I’m talking about. By sex, I don’t just mean sex, I mean the struggles and giggles that go along with being in love. But yes, sometimes I just mean sex.

BOOKS [THINK]. Intellectual thought. To be truly happy, it’s necessary to give some time to your mind. It’s the balance of trashy beach reads and sophisticated Dickens novels that provide a foundation of thought. We need something and/or someone to provote us, to stimulate us to think beyond what we know.

COFFEE [APPRECIATE]. Delicious comfort. The little pleasures in life that keep you going. Not known for being “good for you,” or “healthy,” but who cares, we’re talking about sanity here.

Everything I write about will fall under one of these categories, in one way or another; to me, this is what life consists of. Everything you do, anything you find, or anyone you meet, is sex, books, or coffee. :) Enjoy.

P.S. Check out the Contact page if you’d like to offer a suggestion.