Sex, Books & Coffee

I’d like to start this out by posting my About page. Just to give ya the jist. ;)

First off, let’s not call this a “blog.” Blogs are for angst-ridden teens and cat fanatics. Bleh. I’d like to think of this as just a website. A website that consists of the best things in life: sex, books, and coffee.

SEX [FEEL]. Romantic, sensual, sexual pleasure. Girls, you know what I’m talking about. By sex, I don’t just mean sex, I mean the struggles and giggles that go along with being in love. But yes, sometimes I just mean sex.

BOOKS [THINK]. Intellectual thought. To be truly happy, it’s necessary to give some time to your mind. It’s the balance of trashy beach reads and sophisticated Dickens novels that provide a foundation of thought. We need something and/or someone to provote us, to stimulate us to think beyond what we know.

COFFEE [APPRECIATE]. Delicious comfort. The little pleasures in life that keep you going. Not known for being “good for you,” or “healthy,” but who cares, we’re talking about sanity here.

Everything I write about will fall under one of these categories, in one way or another; to me, this is what life consists of. Everything you do, anything you find, or anyone you meet, is sex, books, or coffee. :) Enjoy.

P.S. Check out the Contact page if you’d like to offer a suggestion.


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