Missed Connections

Today I learned about a section of Craigslist that I had never heard of before – it’s called Missed Connections.

It’s under the Personals section, and you log in and write a note to someone who caught your eye, who sat next to you on the subway, or who was in line behind you at the supermarket. I love this idea! The chances of that specific person seeing your note are very slim I would imagine, but what if something actually came of it? And even if they never see it, at least you put it out there.

I was browsing through some of the posts, and there are hilarious ones, sweet ones, and straight up weird ones. Here is one that I thought was great, and had the tag “m4m,” which I’m assuming means man talking to a man:

“Should have asked if you were interested in exchanging numbers.
I can still taste you. Best time at an Adult book store in a very long time. Thank you for sharing yourself with me.”

Haha! Sounds like this guy had a sweet hookup in the adult bookstore. Yeah, that happens to me all the time too. Um what? Here’s another funny one:

“hey man u were on the stairmaster n i was on the eliptical. kept cathing eachothers eye and i coulda sworn u followed me into the locker room. if so, whats up with it dude? tht chick i was with is not my girl at all.”

Amidst the strange, sexual, and humorous, there is the occasional sweet post that will make every girl say, “Awww…”

“You were in a black bmw. You let me into your lane approaching the toll booth, I returned the favor by paying your toll, you followed me for a while on the bridge then we waved goodbye. I felt shy as we were bridge-cruising, but as we were ‘saying goodbye’ I felt like I might like you – let’s “get coffee” or follow each other around in our cars or something?”

This post is under Coffee, because I appreciate how the littlest things can make the biggest difference.


One response to “Missed Connections

  1. Out of all the nonsense I am fed on Omegle, yours has pleased me the most. :)

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