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The Biebs

Justin Bieber. The Biebs. Bieber Babe.

It’s fair to say that this kid is somewhat of a major musical icon of the current tweener generation. To show for it, he’s got his faithful crew of Beliebers.

Everyone’s got an opinion about The Biebs: you either love him or hate him. I’m not too sure why this is… I love him, but it’s impossible not to make fun of him. I mean, the helmet/bonnet-like hairstyle? Last year at a party I met this guy who was totally rocking out the Bieber swish. (You know, when he’s got the long hair but refuses to use his hand to get it out of his face, resulting in this repetitive, theatrical head twitch.) We were introduced, but I ignored his name and instead decided to call him “Bieber!!!” He didn’t really enjoy that.

Okay, so apart from his hair, Justin’s other major downfall is simply how young he is, and the fact that he looks even younger. He is currently 16 years old, but people joke about him being 13 or 14. His voice is just now starting to crack(!): in an interview he said that he had to lower the key of his hit song “Baby” when singing it live because he just couldn’t hit the high notes anymore. Poor kid. Growin’ up is tough.

But even if you don’t like him, or just don’t understand what the big deal is, you have to admit his songs are catchy. When I first heard “Baby” I was hooked, and even now I get excited when I hear the opening notes. And secret revealed: I have his album My World 2.0 on my iPod, but only listen to it when I’m driving by myself in the car. Usually with the windows rolled up. Much love, JBiebs.

This post is under Sex, because I feel that JB will never be old enough for it.


Sex, Books & Coffee

I’d like to start this out by posting my About page. Just to give ya the jist. ;)

First off, let’s not call this a “blog.” Blogs are for angst-ridden teens and cat fanatics. Bleh. I’d like to think of this as just a website. A website that consists of the best things in life: sex, books, and coffee.

SEX [FEEL]. Romantic, sensual, sexual pleasure. Girls, you know what I’m talking about. By sex, I don’t just mean sex, I mean the struggles and giggles that go along with being in love. But yes, sometimes I just mean sex.

BOOKS [THINK]. Intellectual thought. To be truly happy, it’s necessary to give some time to your mind. It’s the balance of trashy beach reads and sophisticated Dickens novels that provide a foundation of thought. We need something and/or someone to provote us, to stimulate us to think beyond what we know.

COFFEE [APPRECIATE]. Delicious comfort. The little pleasures in life that keep you going. Not known for being “good for you,” or “healthy,” but who cares, we’re talking about sanity here.

Everything I write about will fall under one of these categories, in one way or another; to me, this is what life consists of. Everything you do, anything you find, or anyone you meet, is sex, books, or coffee. :) Enjoy.

P.S. Check out the Contact page if you’d like to offer a suggestion.